The Long Sword Man Was Defeated by Zubair Ibn Awwam ra

The Long Sword Man Was Defeated by Zubair Ibn Awwam ra

This story is not to encourage you to be a warrior, but you know life is like a competition. Then this story is one of the great true motivational stories that are good for you to read. Especially for young men and women, this is one of the great inspirational short stories about life. You can learn how to find opportunities in complicated situations.

There was one of the Quraysh troops at Badar War wearing armor that covered all his body, except his eyes. Even he dressed his horse with armor too. His strange skill was playing the long sword. None could do that. It was not easy fighting with a long sword, but he was very skillful. Some of the Prophet's companions tried to defeat him, but it was hard. He could attack his enemy with his long sword from a far distance, and he also had a strong defense.

Rasulullah PBUH heard about him and He asked Zubair to defeat the long swordman. Zubair tried to find the chance to attack him. While he was attacking Muslim troops, Zubair found the only part of the long sword man body that can be attacked was his eyes. With intelligence, Zubair finally found the chance and threw his spear to the long sword man's eyes. The spear stuck his face, between his two eyes, up to his back head.

Zubair succeeded in killing his enemy, the long swordman. He tried hard to take off his spear, but it was too hard until it bent.

When one door closes, another door opens, yes, it's right. I hope this one of great short motivational stories with morals can motivate you, can inspire you.

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