The Pious Man who Skipped Reciting Sholawat

The Pious Man who Skipped Reciting Sholawat

It’s a story of a pious man’s dream of meeting our beloved prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). He used to recite sholawat 100 times a day. Because of that, he met our prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) in his dream often. He was a very lucky man. But, once in his dream, our Prophet (PBUH) didn’t treat him warmly. “O, Messenger, are you angry with me?” he asked.

“No,” Prophet replied.

“Then, why won’t you see me?”

“I don’t recognize who you are.”

“How come? I am your ummah. Ulama said that you recognize your ummah more than a mother recognizes her kid.”

“They’re right. But you don’t remember me with sholawat, I recognize my ummah based on the sholawat they recite.”

He woke up. He felt so sad. Then he realized that he had been skipped for months reciting sholawat 100 times a day. Then he recited again sholawat as he used to do before. One night he dreamed of meeting our Prophet (PBUH) again with a warm greeting. He was very happy.

I got this story from a website: Nu Online . The writer wrote that this story is in chapter 7 of fil Mahabbah, Mukasyafatul Qulub Al-Muqarribu ila Hadhrati ‘Allamil Ghuyub fi Ilmit Tashawwuf, a book written by Imam Al-Ghazali (Beirut, Darul Kutub Al-Ilmiyyah: 2019 M/1440 H), page 30.

I think it’s a great story. This story encourages me to recite more sholawat on a daily basis. It’s just a dream, but not all Muslims have a chance to meet our beloved Prophet (PBUH) though only in their dream. I think all Muslims really want to have such a great dream though only once in their lifetime.

I felt a little bit afraid to share this story, concerning on the dialogue between the pious man and Rasoolullah PBUH. It’s just a dream, this story is not written in the Shirah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). But, I decided to share this hoping will motivate readers to recite more sholawat.

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