Sulaiman (King Solomon) and A Little Ant inside a Glass

Lesson From A Little Ant

Sulaiman (King solomon) was one of God's messengers who had the ability to talk with animals. Sulaiman was a very rich king at that time. He had almost everything. Some historians told that one day Sulaiman made a mistake by saying his wealth was enough to feed all creatures in this world. God gave him punishment for this mistake. God’s messenger is also a human being.

One day Sulaiman asked a little ant a question about how much food God gives the ant for a year. The little ant replied that God provided a grain of wheat for a year (Other historians said it was a date palm). Then Sulaiman decided to keep that ant and put it inside a glass. He provided a grain of wheat inside for a year. 

The following year Sulaiman visited the ant. He saw the ant only ate half of the wheat. "Why don't you eat it all?" asked Sulaiman.

"Sulaiman, I know you're very rich, but you're just a human being. Living in nature, I believe that God will always provide me a grain of wheat or even more, He will never forget all His creatures, but in this place, I am not sure you'll be able to provide me food again next year. As a human being, you may forget me."

What a very wise lesson! The small Ant won’t rely his life on another creature. He believed that the Creator had provided everything in this nature for all creatures.

This story is similar to a story about White Monkey Anoman in Rama and Sinta (Sita) story. When his mother would back to paradise and leave him alone on this planet, she said to Anoman, "Now your mother is the nature, and your father is the wind. They will bring you up and guide you." Then she left Anoman alone. Anoman was scared, but his mum convinced him.

“You yourself determine your destiny.” It’s not wrong. But it doesn’t mean we have the authority to determine our destiny. It means we know more about what we need than someone else. We must take control of our own lives. So don’t rely on other people. Be independent. We can only rely on our Creator, The One who is never sleepy and never sleep and always care for His creatures.

This article has been published on on July 8, 2014

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