The Falling Flag in The Battle of Uhud

The Falling Flag in The Battle of Uhud

In the Battle of Uhud Zubair was in a small group with very skillful warriors, they were Hamzah Ibn Abdul Muthalib, Ali Ibn Abi Thalib, Ashim Ibn Tsabit, etc. This team focused on attacking the Qurays warrior who holds the flag. He was the strongest warrior. Based on the tradition in that era, the flag represented the power of the troops. If the flag fell down, it meant defeat. On the contrary, though the number of troops was only three or two people, if they still held the flag up, it meant they were still not defeated.

The Qurays troop who held the flag was in the mid of them. Zubair and friends struggled hard to approach him. With great effort, they finally could reach him and attacked him. A couple of minutes later, the flag fell down. It meant the Muslim troops won the war. The Qurays troops were shocked by that falling flag. The war had just begun, but the flag had fallen. It made the Qurays troops lost confidence.

Some Qurays troops tried to take the flag to raise it up again, but it was not easy to approach it unless they would die. Moreover, the Arrow troops on the hill were ready to shoot them. There were 50 Arrow troops led by Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqash, the very skillful Sahabat in playing arrow. It was recorded that his shot always hit the target. Hence, there were many Quraysh troops died around the flag; and none of the other Qurays troops approached the flag again.

Rasulullah PBUH also asked Zubair to fight against another very strong warrior of Qurays troops. Zubair approached him by his horse, once he approached that strong warrior, he stood on his horse, then he jumped over him and killed him. The Qurays troops became chaotic and dispersed. The Muslim troops hunted them, included Hamzah team.

We all know that Muslim troops were defeated at Uhud war, but they didn't give up. It was because the Arrow troops broke the Prophet's policy, the Qurays troops came back and attacked Muslim troops. Then The Muslim troops were defeated and backed to Madinah. However, it was just a couple of minutes the Muslim troops arrived in Madinah, but Rasulullah PBUH ordered them to come back again to the war. Though some Muslim troops were suffering from wounds, they came back to the war after drinking some water.

There were about 600 troops who came back to fight against the Qurays troops, and 70 special troops were led by Zubair and Abu Bakar in the front line. There were about 2900 Qurays troops, but they were scared and most of them ran away to Mecca. Related to this event, Allah revealed one ayat of Quran, which was Ayat 172 Surat Ali Imran.

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